Mineralogy Petrography Unit

Mineral is a natural and homogeneous solid (except liquid mercury at room temperature) which has a defined chemical composition and a regular internal atomic structure. Mineralogy is a branch of science which examines minerals. Rocks are mineral assemblages. Petrography is a branch of science which examines rocks. More than 5000 minerals accepted by International Mineralogical Association (IMA) are already known. In description of minerals, hardness, density, color, line color, brightness, cleavage, radioactivity, magnetic and electrical properties, crystal structure and microscopic properties are taken into account. Mineral and rock samples from various parts of Turkey and the world are exhibited at the MTA Natural History Museum.

There is the Solar System, Lightning Stone (Fulgurite), Meteorites on the entry floor of the museum; Natural Cave Model can be visited on the first floor and on the second floor of the museum, samples of minerals and rocks are exhibited in 6 separate sections as Systematic Mineralogy, Rocks, Evaporites, Gemstones, Medical Geology and Underground Resources.