1:500 000 Scale Geological Inventory Map Series of Turkey

General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA) has produced various scale geological maps in order to clarify this complex geological structure, to reveal energy and mineral potentials, to predict natural disasters, and in order to produce earth-science data used for engineering structures and urban development plans, since it was established.

The projects have been carried out on 18 number 1/500.000 scale map sheet in the terranes of Turkey for geological mapping, and updating on these maps was made due to the technologic and scientific developments. 1/500.000 scale maps were published in 2002 by means of preparation from transferring various-scale geological maps to 1/500.000 scale map sheets.

Geological mapping was made on the all 18 number 1/500.000 scale map sheets, and then these were archived both analogue and digitized forms. Legend information of the exposed rocks within the research area is presented with detail on the maps prepared by GIS-based softwares and transferred to digitized forms.

1/500.000 scaled geological maps, which are produced by Department of Geological Research of General Directorate of MTA, are available to public institutions, universities, private sector, natural persons and corporations in return for a nominal fee.

All rights of figures and information on these maps are belonged to the General Directorate of MTA. No data on these maps may be reproduced, transmitted and published in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, for any purpose without the express written permission of the General Directorate of MTA.

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