Investigation and examination projects are done for valuable metals, for example, copper-lead-zinc (base metals), molybdenum, antimony, tin, tungsten and gold and silver. Also, projects are delivered for the investigation of iron, chrome, nickel, aluminum, manganese and platinum. Our exploration activities for metallic mines are centered around base and valuable metals, and are completed in a wide range of areas of our country, particularly in Northwest Anatolia and Eastern Black Sea, which have a good geographical construction for these mines. The requirement for essential data like topographical guides, geophysical guides, general geochemical guides and mineral/event stock on the planet's creating natural mindfulness, looking for covered mineral stores and tackling land issues are uncovered by geochemistry studies.
In the main period of the investigation of buried mineral deposits, geochemical considers are done. These examinations set aside time and cash in the investigation of the mineral store. Examining investigations of various sorts and scales are done in geochemistry contemplates. These are waterway sand, plant, water, soil and rock samples. The results of the geochemical analysis produced using these samples are assessed by statistical techniques and anomaly and distribution maps are made at various scales. As a result of these studies, the target area is decreased and drilling locations are set.

Moreover, adressing many disciplines in different nations; General Geochemical Maps are made just as basic geological maps. These guides are printed in various scales; mineral exploration, hydrogeology, agriculture, animal husbandry, selection of residential areas (land use maps) and solving geological issues. It is a fact that industrialization and rezidences are interwoven in numerous districts of our country. Reliable geochemical data that can be used in the selection of residential areas have not been made, neither in the past nor today. In future geochemistry studies for covered mineral deposits; low detection limit and quality analysis of many elements are required.