The Report of
of the
Prepared by : Ahmet TÜRKECAN
to be presented at the
of the
July 2003


The Turkish National Commission for Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior (TAVCEI) had coordinated in the 1999-2002 period the scientific studies on volcanic and plutonic rocks in Turkey. The commission is mainly supported by the General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA) and scientists from the Geology Departments of the leading universities such as İstanbul Univ., İstanbul Technical Univ., Black Sea Univ., Selçuk Univ., Middle East Technical Univ., Hacettepe Univ., 9 Eylül Univ., Çukurova Univ. etc.

The main goal of the commission is the coordinate the studies and realize a database on the geochemical analyses, geochronological age data on volcanic rocks and systematically collect the published documents on related topics. A web-page (http://www.mta.gov.tr/tuvak/tuvak.htm) is constructed to make these data available for the international community.


  • 1 / 2.500.000 scaled maps on the Tertiary and Quaternary volcanic rocks in Turkey has been prepared and will be published soon by MTA.
  • The geochemical analyses of igneous and metamorphic rocks has been systematically collected and saved in computer media.
  • Special session on volcanology and geochemistry has been encouraged and supported within National and International Scientific Meetings.
  • All published papers on the related topics have been collected. An online bibliography will be published.
  • The membership of various committees and commissions of (TAVCEI) has been renewed.
  • Working groups on the volcanic rocks in Central Anatolia, East Anatolia (Erzurum-Kars) and Central Western Anatolia (Afyon-Isparta) has been coordinated.
  • The announcements of the International Meetings on Volcanology and Geochemistry has been distributed to the national institutions.
  • The committees and Working Groups of the Commission are re-organized.
  • A summer school for graduate students on Volcanic Landforms and Volcanology (by Prof. Dr. R.A. Cas (Victoria, Australia) and Igneous Petrology (by Turkish lecturers) has been organised. A textbook on the second activity (with 26 contributions) on different aspect of igneous petrology has been printed.


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