Analysis/Test Code

Analysis/Test Name


Service Period (Workday)

Sample Amount 

Service Fee

(VAT Included)


Pre-Tests for Brick/Tile Raw Materials

Following tests are performed according to TS 4790 Standard;

a) Drying, Crushing, Grinding Processes,

b) Sieve Analysis,

c) Shaping,

d) Firing at 900 ºC,

e) Determination of water absorption,

f) Determination of drying and total shrinkage,

g) Whiteness and color measurement test,

h) Hardness determination,

i) Carbonate determination,

j) Plasticity water determination,

k) Determination of dry breaking strength,

l) Compression and bending strength determination after firing

m) Fire loss (as stated in the analysis with the code of AA-02).

10 days

10-15 kg

560,00 TL /Sample


Full Tests for Brick/Tile Raw Materials

Following tests are performed in addition to the analysis/test with TS-34 code;

a) Firing processes in 800 ºC, 900 ºC, 1000 ºC and 1100 ºC.

b) Determination of water absorption following each temperature.

c) Tests of compression and bending strength  determination following each temperature.

25 days

25-30 kg

705,00 TL /Sample