In the Analysis/Test and Calibration Service Catalog, which includes the analysis/tests performed in the Analysis, Technology and Calibration Laboratories;

AN:             Analysis Sample Preparation Laboratories,

AS:             Analysis Water Laboratories,

AA:             Analysis Analytical Chemistry Laboratories,

AJ:              Analysis Geochemistry Laboratories,

AK:             Analysis Coal Laboratories,

MP:            Mineralogy-Petrography Research Laboratories,

TS:             Technology Industrial Raw Materials and Ceramic Materials Laboratories,

TC:             Technology Mineral Processing Laboratories,

TM:            Technology Metallurgy Laboratories,

KL:             Calibration Laboratories,

MATA:        Mineral Analysis and Technology R&D Service,

MATD:       Mineral Analysis and Technology Consultancy Service,

MATE:        Mineral Analysis and Technology Training Services,

MATİR:      Mineral Analysis and Technology English Report Export Services,

MATRM:    Mineral Analysis and Technology Reference Material Production Services,

ICP-OES:   Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometer,

ICP-MS:     Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometer,

AAS:           Atomic Absorption Spectrometer,

XRF:           X-Ray Fluorescence Device