When comes out  the analysis/test result of the sample which is sent for analysis/test? 

The analysis / test periods specified in the Analysis/Test Calibration Service Catalog are valid for one sample, it is the process that includes the admission of the sample to the relevant laboratory, to be analysed the samplethe writing of the Analysis/Test Reportthis process is valid for normal conditions. The specified times may vary in situations of device failure, work intensity, excessive number of samples, etc...

How much are the Analysis/Test fees? 

Analysis / Test fees are the fees specified in the Analysis / TestCalibration Service Catalogare collected in advance. Fees include Value Added Tax (VAT). 

What are the bank account numbers? How is the payment method? 

Bank account numbers: 

01745-ANKARA Bahçelievler Branch
Public Corporate Bank Branch Paid Job Account
TR55 0001 0017 4537 7119 5750 01 TR25 0001 2009 2100 0005 0006 06


It could be paid into the bank account which given above anywhere of Turkey. The receipt could be sent to the Sample Receiving Unit. The payment can be deposited in cash at MTA Campus Halkbank Branchpaid at the Sample Reception Unit by credit card.  

Howwhere should we send the samples? What is the contact address? 

Together with the Application Formbank receipt, the samples can be sent to the address given below by cargo/maildelivered by hand to the Sample Acceptance Unit of the Department of Mineral AnalysisTechnology (MAT) at the General Directorate of MTA.   

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What should be considered when filling out the application form? 

On behalf of which company / organization / person the reportthe invoice will be issued,  manner of delivery of the report must be filled in clearly. Analysis/Test codes which are requested, should be written thoroughlyaccording to the Analysis / TestCalibration Service Catalog.   

Which analysis we should be had on a sample that we cannot define?  

To find out what the sample is; mineralogical analysis is required for natural rock samples, XRD analysis is required for softpowder samples. Chemical analysis is required to learn the percentages of the elements in the sample. 

How much samples are required for Analysis/Tests? 

Sample quantities required for Analysis/Tests are explained in the relevant sections of the Analysis/TestCalibration Service Catalog. 

What is the validity period of Analysis/TestCalibration Service Catalog? 

The information in the Analysis / TestCalibration Service Catalog on the WEB page of our institution is up-to-dateis constantlyd.