• The sample/samples or Device/Materials must be delivered or sent to the Sample Acceptance Unit along with the Application Form/Request Letter and the document (bank receipt or receipt) confirming payment.

  • If the document (bank receipt or receipt) confirming payment is delivered or received by the Sample Acceptance Unit, analysis/testing of the sample/samples or calibration of the device/materials will begin.

  • The sample/samples to be analyzed/tested must be brought or sent to the Sample Acceptance Unit as specified in the catalogue's relevant sections (quantity, number, package).

  • The sample/samples should be sent to the Sample Acceptance Unit in appropriate and secure packing that will not be damaged.

  • A label including identifying information such as the sample name, the date the sample was taken, and the location where the sample was taken is required for each sample requested to be analyzed/tested.

  • The sealed sample/samples must be sealed with lead, red wax, or plastic and must bear the sender Institution/company's stamp/number/signature. The seals must be affixed to the sample/samples in a way that prevents them being easily removed and replaced, and they must not be loose.

  • Process development, analysis/testing, and other services not listed in the Analysis/Test and Calibration Service Catalogue. For the applicants that are found suitable, bids will be given. If the offer is accepted, the procedures begin once the Sample Acceptance Unit receives the sample and the paperwork (bank receipt or receipt) indicating that payment has been made.

  • Requests that cannot be fulfilled (analysis/testing, process development, etc.) or sample/samples that are not submitted under proper conditions are not accepted, and information on the matter is provided.