“to provide services of exploration, research, analysis, infrastructure and database in earth sciences and mining for industry and community through scientific and technological methods in a effective and efficient way considering environmental issues, to contribute to the prosperity of the country.”

Humankind has to maintain their life on the Earth with no any other choice. Geological occurrences and events that have largely influenced the planet throughout history from the past to the present and, will affect in the future, take place on the Earth’s crust as a result of inner dynamics of our home, the earth. Thus, it is essential to understand and describe the Earth’s crust very well, to turn the data obtained into the usable knowledge ready to share with others, through the communion of love and brotherhood.

Considering the size of the Earth’s crust stereoscopically, it is obvious that there are many things to achieve, and a long way to go. As such, MTA is in a position as it were a guiding compass a making research to know and to describe the Earth’s crust and sharing the data obtained through research process

Our vision is to achieve our gols in future from now on, and to do whatever is necessary with great enthusiasm to gain success. The vision of MTA is based on the frame of this merit and approach.



  • To provide timely and quality services,
  • To be a globally recognized and respected brand,
  • To be accountable.
  • To be a pioneer in the sector by using advanced technologies,
  • To have an understanding of interdisciplinary work,
  • To contribute to scientific development.
  • To provide easy, accurate and fast access to the services offered,
  • To have in-house information accessibility.
  • To be a pioneer in mineral exploration and earth sciences,
  • To have the first and only Natural History Museum in our country,
  • To be a guide with scientific and technological studies.
  • To be respectful to the nature and environment.