Strategic Goals and Targets

Strategic Goals Strategic Targets
SG1. To carry out geological research on land and off shore that will be a base in discovering natural resources and using Earth’s surface properly. ST1.  To perform scientific research in order to ascertain geological occurrences and events.
ST2.  To prepare and publish geological maps of different purposes and scales.
ST3.  To explore off shore areas.
ST4.  To form a databank for Earth Sciences.
SG2.  To perform explorations for metallic minerals, industrial and energy raw materials. ST1. To conduct studies concerning metallic minerals, industrial and energy raw materials.
ST2. To prepare and update mineral and energy inventories of Turkey.
SG3. To make efforts for organizational, individual, technological, social and cultural development and to effort opportunities on the way of preparing the Organization for future. ST1. To bring forth opportunities to employees for individual and professional development, and to train incoming employees as they can shoulder the responsibility in projects.
ST2. To provide a working environment up to standards by establish a managerial system of health and safety.
ST3. To improve infrastructure of information and communication technologies and the physical conditions of the Organization.
ST4. To improve the organizational structure of the General Directorate, and enhance the quality and familiarity of the services.
SG4. To perform analyses and tests on mining and Earth sciences, to determine and use eco-friendly technologies, to develop and apply new methods. ST1. To solve problems of active abandoned mine fields and/or mine wastes/tailings through evaluating with new technologies and perspectives.
ST2. To develop end products of which added values are high and usage areas change in a wide range from metallic and industrial raw materials.
ST3. To develop projects towards determination and prevention of environmental impacts emanated from mining activities.
ST4. To improve analysis/test quality, variety and capacity.
SG5. To contribute to presentation of natural history and to protection of geological and archaeological inheritance. ST1. To improve the Natural History Museum and make it well known by people.
ST2. To conduct research related to determination of historical, economical and cultural potentials of natural structures and monuments.