“to provide services of exploration, research, analysis, infrastructure and database in earth sciences and mining for industry and community through scientific and technological methods in a effective and efficient way considering environmental issues, to contribute to the prosperity of the country.”

The economic power of a country and the prosperity of its people depend mainly on the abundance and quality of the natural resources it has and whether they are used properly and efficiently.

Turkey’s geological location being on a very active and complex geological zone leads to a wide range of geological occurrences and difficulties in exploration and extraction of its underground wealth.

MTA (General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration) was established in 1935 with the aim of conducting scientific and technological research on mineral exploration and geology and is universally well known and a leading organization.

It carries out geological research at sea and on land with the aim of exploring natural resources and the use of land in order to enhance the safety and the level of prosperity of the people, provides efficient use of new ore deposits and energy raw materials by performing scientific researches related to exploration and development of them. MTA also brings in new data to geology and trains well-qualified researchers at the same time. It passes on occurrences that may become natural monuments to the future generations as building awareness of geological inheritance.

On the basis of the above, our mission statement, which explains our products and services, approach towards work, contribution and establishment, are formed with joint effort.