MTA (Mineral Research and Exploration General Directorate) is a research organization that provides data to improve mining sector and offers infrastructure services.
MTA carries out the task of exploring the mineral resources of Turkey and contributing to economy in accordance with its law of establishment in its licence ground depending on mining law of 3213 and, on demand and for a fee, in fields owned by private sector or public bodies. Moreover, according to the articles 18 and 47 of the mining law, it prospects for mineral resources in license grounds. 
MTA sets up camp sites and provides part of labour and equipment locally all around Turkey in accordance with “Investment and Work Program” approved by The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and State Planning Organization with the investment allocation from general budget. MTA provides service with 13 heads of  departments and 12 district offices and 3639 personnel.
The services offered by MTA involve mineral exploration projects, geology, geophysical maps and scientific research, map inventory and data bank, hydrogeology studies, geothermal studies, geochemistry, earthsurface research, marine research, environmental research, active fault seismo-tectonic studies, geological survey of metropolitan areas, contractual surveys and location selection of organized industry, drilling core data bank research, labs and technological research, paid work, national and international technical colloboration projects. Further detail is provided below:

Geological Research

  • Maps of various scales from geology, engineering geology, tectonic, geomorphology, urbanization and infrastructure to natural disaster maps
  • Remote Sensing Research

Mineral Exploration

  • Metallic mineral exploration
  • Industrial raw material exploration
  • Energy raw material exploration
  • Geothermal energy exploration

Geophysical research

  • Geoelectric, seismic, magnetic and gravimetric survey and well log regarding mineral exploration, geothermal energy and underground water exploration, earthcrust structure research etc.
  • Geophysical maps of various scales

Feasibility research

  • Finanical and economical evaluation
  • Reserve measurement
  • Mining projects

Geotechnical research

  • Slope stability
  • Ground survey

Technological research

  • Material Research
  • Ore enrichment
  • Solution of technological issues

Marine and environmental research

  • Performing research on earthsciences in marine areas
  • Providing data in coastal-sea regions and offer infrastructure services