Materials Research Division

  • Industrial Raw Materials and Ceramic Materials Research Subdivision
  • Metallic Materials Research Subdivision

The main duties are:

  • Coordination of the technical and managerial aspects of the projects pursued by the above subdivisions, based on the projects ongoing within the annual program of the General Directorate, tasks sent for the technological determination and tasks that cover the ongoing projects of the subdivisions.
  • To provide the necessary coordination for the accomplishment of the necessary research and diverting actions for the tasks requested by third parties, upon approval of the General Directorate and based on a certain defined fee.
  • To make the necessary propositions to the subdivisions for the internal training programs that will improve the capabilities of the division.
  • To provide the necessary coordination for the training of specialized personnel and for the technological improvement of the Department Of Mineral Analysis and Technology.
  • To provide necessary coordination for the development and execution of new projects that will support improvement and research of new technologies for production of new materials and end products.

Industrial Materials and Ceramic Materials Research Subdivision

  • Pre-technological tests for pre-determination
  • Full technological tests for detailed determination (supported by chemical, mineralogical and petrographical analysis)
  • Quality tests for semi-product and product materials
  • Tests and experimental inquiries demanded by producers and third parties or institutions
  • To provide technical consultancy
  • Technical consultancy required by producers and third parties or institutions, could be not only in terms of short discussions but also long term research projects.
  • To develop research and development (RD) projects that will add value to Turkish economy
  • To develop raw material utilization technologies
  • Research for alternative raw material development and utilization
  • Re-use and re-validate waste material
  • Development of new materials

Industrial Materials Studied By The Subdivision

  • Ceramic and refractory clays
  • Barite
  • Bentonite
  • Talc
  • Diatomite
  • Feldspar
  • Quartz
  • Dolomite
  • Magnesite
  • Expanding clays
  • Pumice
  • Zeolite
  • Sepiolite
  • Calcite
  • Marble
  • Brick Soil
  • Trass
  • Plaster of gypsum
  • Gypsum
  • Some Experiments Performed By The Subdivision and Utilized Equipment
  • Pilot Facilities and Laboratories Available in The Subdivision

Metalic Materials Research Subdivision

  • To perform technological tests and experiments of the metallic materials
  • To perform pilot metal extraction studies from the ores, such as hydrometallurgical methods of obtaining gold (Gold, silver, nickel, zinc, copper, uranium etc.)
  • To organize and execute projects on development of new metallurgical materials, properties of these materials and their industrial applications, within the framework of the developing material and metallurgical technologies.

General Headings Of The Technological Tests and Applications Performed By The Subdivision

Following are also performed;

  • Investigation of microstructures
  • Mechanical Tests
  • Material choice investigations

Pilot Facilities and Laboratories Available In The Subdivision

Gold Pilot Facility: This facility has been established with a 1 ton per day capacity, within the framework of Turkish-Italian technical support program in 1991, in order to determine technological data for the production of gold and silver from gold bodies.

In this pilot facility, in 1991, from Izmir-Karşıyaka-Arapdağ epithermal, 3-7 g Au/ton ore body, gold and silver has been obtained at over 90% efficiency rate, using cyanide leach, electrolyze, and melting techniques.

In 1993, from 4-5g Au/ton Gümüşhane-Tire-Mastra Quartz veined ore body, silver and gold was obtained at over 90% efficiency at pilot scale.

Gold pilot facility processes technical capability to provide the support for the efficient use and evaluation of the gold and silver beds of the country, using cyanide leach and other techniques to obtain gold and silver.

Iron Pilot Facility

This is a pilot facility where pellet, sinter and metallurgical tests are performed in order to utilize iron ores in iron-steel industries.

In this pilot facility research studies such as agglomeration of chimney dust and studies concerning sinter dump of Ereğli, İskenderun, Karbük Iron-steel industries, has been performed.

Process Hall

This is the facility where melting, casting, thermal processes, and other high temperature applications are performed.