Core Database Division

  • Data Preperation, Monitoring and Evaluation Subdivision
  • Core Archiving Subdivision

Purpose Of Establishement

Archiving of the core, bits and hand specimen obtained through the field studies. Transferring of the information related to these samples to the computer medium. Storage of these data. Serving of these information to use as it will soon be necessary.

Expected Benefits

Ease of access to information. Addition of the third dimension to any kind of geological study performed at the surface.
Possibility of utilization of the archived drilling, core, bits and hand samples.

Data Preparation, Monitoring and Evaluation Subdivision

Main Duties

Digital storage of the information and analysis reports that is delivered to the division, about drill logs, core, bits, hand specimens, minerals, waters etc.
Determination of the statistical parameters of the available and future analysis results.

Core Archiving Subdivision:

Main Duties

Based on the storage time, Core Archiving Subdivision is responsible at first degree, for the temporary or constant systematic storage of the core, bits, and hand specimens delivered to the division and that are decided to be preserved. The temporary export, arbitration function and all kinds of paid tasks are excluded.

Archived Core Samples