Name of the Project Duration Executor  Project Partners and Executing Department
MTA-CSIC “The Geochemistry of Neogene Lignites of Muğla Basin” 1997-1999 Ertem Tuncalı Within NATO International Exchange Program, Spain and MTA/Mineral Analysis and Technologies Department
The Paleoseismology of Western Part of North Anatolian Fault Zone 1999-2004 Dr. Ömer Emre JICA and MTA/Geological Research Department
Turkey and Mongolia Joint Project on Geology and Mining Exploration 2000-2004 Mustafa Şenel Mongolian Mineral Resources Authority-MTA/ Geological Research Department
Active Tectonics of Western Part of North Anatolian Fault Zone 2000-2003 Dr. Ömer Emre Japan-MTA/Geological Research Department
The Evaluation of Plioquaternary Deposits of Central and Western Anatolian Lakes and Their Depositional Environments 2001-2002 Mustafa Karabıyıkoğlu MTA-CNRS (FRANSA), Plymouth University (ENGLAND) and MTA/Geological Research Department
Upper Pleistocene Volcanism and Paleogeography of Kapadokya Region 2001-2003 Ahmet Türkecan France CNRS-TÜBİTAK and MTA/Geological Research Department
The Biostratigraphy of  Oligocene-Miocene Mammifereous Fossils and Their Depositional Environment in Western Part of Çankırı-Çorum Basin 2001-2003 Dr. Levent Karadeniz Geological Research Department
The Geological and Geochemical Modelling of the Hydrothermal Deposits in Western Anatolia 2001-2004 Dr. Tandoğan Engin Japan and MTA/ Mineral Research and Exploration Department
The Biostratigraphical Correlation of Paleozoik Sequence of Kyrgyzstan-Turkey 2002 Dr. Erdem Çörekçioğlu Kyrgyzstan-MTA/Geological Research Department
Determination of the Protection and  Utilization Methods of the Caves  by Evaluating Them  for the Aspect of Earth science and  Human Settlements 2002 Dr. Lütfi Nazik Ben-Gurion University (Israel) and MTA/ Geological Research Department and Hacettepe University
Remote Sensing Project of Turkey 2002 B. Taner San (Turkey)-Minoru Fujita (Japan) JICA/Japan and MTA/JED-Remote Sensing Centre
Artvin-Rize Polymetal Mining  Exploration   2002-2004 İskender Kurt Japan and MTA/ Mineral Research and Exploration Department
Bryzantine Seismic Catastrophe from Multidisciplanary Analyses of Lake Ulubat Sediment (Turkey) 2002-2004 Dr. Ömer Emre England-Brunel University and AÜ-GYTÜ-MTA/ Geological Research Department
The Correlation Study of Paleozoic Sequence of  Tectonic Units both in Bulgaria and NE Turkey 2003 Gülnur Saydam Bulgaria-MTA/Geological Research Department
Paleogeography Atlas of Kyrgyzstan 2003 Dr. Emine Sütçü Kyrgyzstan-MTA/Geological Research Department
The Sedimentology of Sinop-Boyabat Basin: The Relation with Rifting and  Compressive Tectonics 2003-2005 Prof.Dr. Wojcieech Nemec Bergen University (Norway)-MTA/Geological Research Department
The Mining History in Anatolia 2003-2005 Ahmet Kartalkanat Germany and MTA/ Mineral Research and Exploration Department
The Tectono-Sedimentary Evaluation of Oligo-Miocene Basins  in Taurus : Defining the Early Miocene Magnetostratigraphy and Astronomic  Controlled Climatic Changes of  Lacustrine Ermenek Basin 2004 Dr. Ayhan Ilgar Bergen University (Norway) and MTA/Geological Research Department
The  Oligocene Paleogeography of  Western and Central Anatolia 2004 Dr. Levent Karadenizli CNRS Paris Museum (France) and MTA/Geological Research Department
The Utilization of Remote Sensing Data on Landslides (ERDASC-GEOTECHNOS) 2004-2005 Dr. Tamer Y. Duman JICA and MTA/Geological Research Department
The Global Scale Correlation of Massive Sulphide Regions Depending on Volcanics 2004 -2011 Dr. Ramazan Doğan IGCP (Canada) and MTA/ Mineral Research and Exploration Department
The Joint Data Collection Study Along the 1943 and 1944 Earthquakes’ Fractures  for the Preferred  Progressing of  Surface Fracture 2005-2006 Cengiz Yıldırım San Diego University and Southern California University (USA) and MTA/Geological Research Department
The Landslide Stability of South-eastern Region 2005-2011 B. Taner San JICA-MTA/ Geological Research Department- Remote Sensing Centre
Research on Discovery  of Places of Continental Mammalia, Baluchitherium, and also Other Related Vertebrates in Çankırı-Çorum Basin and Paleogeography of the Region 2006-2013 Neşe OYAL Paris Natural History Museum Ve Jogiellenion University/Directorate of Natural History Museum
  Development of Collaboration Studies Among Developing Countries, Caucasus and Turkic Countries in Central Asia according to the Evaluation of Mining Resources 2007-2014 F. Alev Bülbül Developing Countries, Caucasus and Turkic Countries in Central Asia/International Relations and European Union Division
  The Paleoseismology of the Central and Eastern Parts of North Anatolian Fault 2008-2011 Dr. Ömer Emre Japan Geological Survey-Active Fault Research Centre - AFR AİST/Geological Research Department
  The Paleoseismology of Troia Fault 2009-2010 Dr. Akın Kürşer Greece Ministry of Development General Secretariat of Research and Technology (GSRT)/Geological Research Department
  Tectonostratigraphic Properties of Istranca Massive and its Correlation with those in Bulgaria 2009-2013 Dr. Yavuz Bedi Bulgarian Academy of Sciences/Geological Research Department
Holocene Volcanism in Central Anatolia; The Habitat of the Primitive  Communities in Hasan Mountain and Cappadocia 2010-2011 Ahmet TÜRKECAN The National Center for Scientific Research of France(CNRS)/ Department of Geological Research
The Paleoseismology of the  Eastern  Part of North Anatolian Fault  and East Anatolian Fault 2012-2015 Dr. Tamer Yiğit DUMAN Geological Survey of Japan- The Active Fault Research Center - AFR AİST/ Department of Geological Research
Research of Rare Earth Elements Exploration in the Başören, Sofular-Kuluncak, Malatya district, Eastern Anatolia and Lithium investigation in some Boron deposits, Turkey 2012 Abdurrahman TABLACI MTA- KIGAM/Department of Mineral Reearch and Exploration
Geological Remote Sensing and Technical Cooperation Project between Turkey and Azerbaijan 2013-2014 Dr. Engin Öncü SÜMER The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan Republic – National Evaluation Service (MGKX)- Department of Geological Research
Geology of TRNC, Research and Development of Its Natural Resources 2014-2016 Dr. Yavuz BEDİ Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Geology and Mine Department– Department of Geological Research


Name of the Project Duration Executor Project Partners and Executing Department
  Within EU Professional Training Program Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Project "New Developments in Coal Gasification Technology" 2009-2010 General Directorate of MTA
Coordinatorship of Projects
  • General Directorate of Turkish Coal Enterprises (TKİ)    
  • Middle East Technical University  Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Gazi University Clean Energy Research and Application Centre (TEMENAR)
  • French National Science and Technology Research Centre (CNRS)
  • South East Training Academy (SETA)
Important of Quality in Chemical Measurement and Good Laboratory Practices (LdV Mobility Project) 03/03/2013
Turkey Technical Staff Foundation
  • Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock
  • National Food Reference Laboratory
  • Ankara Metropolitan Municipality
  • Ministry of Labour and Social Security
  • Uzmanlar Metrology Services (UMS)
Earth Observation Technologies and Social Benefits
(LdV Mobility Project)
3-23 Mart 2013 Turkey Technical Staff Foundation
  • Turkish Petroleum
  • Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs General Directorate of Water Management
  • Turkish Society of Petroleum Geophysicists 
  • Ecological Sustainable Development Association
“Mining Waste Management” project under IPA Component-I Program (TR080205) 2010-2014 Ministry of Environment and Urbanization  Coordinatorship of Projects 
  • General Directorate of MTA - Co-Beneficiary
  • MİGEM - Co-Beneficiary
Learning New Technologies for Responsible and Sustainable Mining 2012 General Directorate of Mining Affairs
  • Gazi University General Secretariat Project Office
  • Turkey Technical Staff Foundation (TÜTEV)
  • Turkish Coal Enterprises  
  • General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration
  • General Directorate of Environmental Management
  • General Directorate of Energy Affairs


Name of the Project Duration Executor Project Partners and Executing Department
Development of Cooperation Opportunities on Geological Research, Mineral and Energy Resources (throughout Turkey) 2012 Dr. Engin Öncü SÜMER International Geological Surveys/ Geological Research Department
Correlation of metaultramafic rocks in terms of magmatism, petrology and ore mineralization in the Northwest Turkey and the Baltic Shield 2016 Doç. Dr. Ender SARIFAKIOĞLU Russian Academy of Sciences Kola Science Center Geological Institute (GI KSC RAS) – Geological Research Department
Research of Oligocene aged Vertebrate Fossil Beds in Turkey 2014 Neşe OYAL Paris Natural History Museum - Directorate of Natural History Museum