Trainings of MTA to Other Countries

Trainings to Sudan

During the visit to Sudan for bilateral meeting by our General Directorate between May 22 to 25, 2017 the subject of providing training on "Exploration of Mineral Resources" was discussed with Geological research Authority of Sudan (GRAS).

After the visit, it was evaluated that the theoretical and practical training could be given to 5 geoscientist working in GRAS in order to strengthen the cooperation between the General Directorate of MTA and GRAS so General Directorate of MTA prepared a two week training program on "Capacity Building on Earth Sciences for Sudan".

5 geoscientists from GRAS participated in the training program between August 07-18, 2017 at General Directorate of MTA. During the first week of the program, theoretical trainings on "Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems, Mineral Research Steps, Exploration of Metallic Minerals, Industrial Raw Materials and Energy Raw Materials (Geothermal Energy, Nuclear Energy), Geophysical Methods in Mineral Researches, Mining and Environment" was given to the participants. During the second week of the program, practical trainings were given to participants in accordance with their professional field by the related technical departments and daily field trip programs were held.

At the end of the training program, General Director of our institution Mr. Cengiz ERDEM welcomed the participants at his office and gave them presents along with their Participation Certificates.