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The MTA Institute initiated the first exploration studies for radioactive raw minerals in Turkey in 1953, and the research continues.

According to statistics, global uranium production will range between 71,105 and 81,465 tons in 2020, and between 69,475 and 94,255 tons in 2025; global uranium consumption is expected to range between 61,035 and 82,195 tons in 2025. Every year, global total production declines, and the gap between uranium production and consumption continues to increase. This difference is currently covered by stocks; nevertheless, there is a chance that raw materials will become scarce in the future.

Nuclear power stations are being built in Turkey, and the energy shortage that will emerge in the next years will necessitate the expansion of nuclear power plants. To date, the MTA General Directorate has identified 19.736 tons (U3O8) of potentiallyeconomically viable uranium reserves. However, because final feasibility studies have not been conducted, it is unclear how many beds can be produced. Existing reserves should be increased in order to obtain part of the raw materials we will use from our own resources. According to current market conditions, uranium prices in the world range between 30-130 USD/kg.

Exploration studies are continuously carried out by our General Directorate. For this purpose, until today, at the beginning of the studies;

317.620 km2 aerial prospecting,

194.281 km2 pedestrian prospecting,

31.795 km2detailed geology,

81.026 km auto prospecting,

623.642 meters of drilling,

4.934 m3splitting,

38.374 samples were taken.