- The goal of the "Turkey's Paleogene Fossils, Stratigraphy, and Paleogeography" project is to investigate the vertebrate and invertebrate fossil assemblages that have yet to be discovered in Paleogene marine and terrestrial formations found throughout Turkey, as well as to provide valuable examples for our Museum's archive and display. The goal is to add to the stratigraphy of the researched region and to make paleogeographic, paleoclimatic, and paleoecological interpretations of the region using the defined fauna.

- The "Investigation of the Potential of Gemstones in Turkey" project aims to evaluate gemstone beds using the most up-to-date knowledge and contribute to our country's mining sector in order to support the extraction of materials that may still be inactive gemstones in Turkey

-Ancient stones will be gemologically classified as part of the "Archaeogemology of Ancient Gemstones" project, and similarities and differences will be discovered by comparing them to samples gathered from field research. Archaeogemology, a sub-discipline of gemology, is a multidisciplinary study of precious stones from past civilizations, including identification of stones from archaeological study areas, interpretation of data obtained by non-destructive gemological analysis techniques, and research and discussion of how ancient civilizations valued and traded gemstones. is a branch of science.

- The "Development and Application of Energy Technologies" project aims to develop and increase renewable energy kinds, as well as develop and apply low-cost, environmentally friendly energy types to fulfill today's energy demands.

-Within the scope of the "Historical Development of Mining in Anatolia" project, starting from the first metal use in mining history to industrial period mining, starting with metal materials found in many old settlements in Anatolia, which is seen as the beginning place of mining history, and the old mining quarries surrounding them. It will be attempted to reveal development procedures. The information gathered will be collated and put into a book.


- Investigations - As part of the "Museum Preliminary Studies" project, notifications from all around Turkey will be assessed, as well as earth scientific surveys and field studies. It is intended to participate in Workshops, Congresses, Symposiums, Training, and Technical Trips on Museology, Earth Sciences, and Mining as part of this project, as well as to deliver trainings on Museology, Earth Sciences, and Mining by specialists from Turkey and other countries.