It is based on technological projects for the evaluation of metallic, industrial, and energy raw materials, and it is a measure of the performance target's Technology Research Activity.

R&D projects are carried out within the scope of Technology Researches to effectively evaluate our country's mineral resources, such as improving facility efficiency and bringing unoperable fields back into operation. The amount of Scientific/Technological Studies completed throughout the year was used as an indicator because this and similar service-oriented projects are considered wins.

The number of samples examined for Technological Analysis/Tests represents the number of samples and analyses obtained as a consequence of improving laboratories' technical competency in order to meet the technological analysis/test needs used in various earth science and mineral exploration investigations.

The Number of Archived Core Boxes performance indicator indicates the number of core boxes from drillings that are submitted to the Core Data Bank, archived, and all information recorded into the data bank database.
The number of samples supplied to the database from analysis laboratories to the Data Base for indefinite storage and archiving is represented by the Number of Archived Geochemical Samples performance indicator.