Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Mr. Fatih DÖNMEZ inaugurates one of the MTA’s projects, “Elazığ Cipköyü Geothermal Resource”

The geothermal Resource found by MTA in the vicinity of Elazığ Cipköy was inaugurated by  Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Mr. Fatih DÖNMEZ, governor of Elazığ Mr. Çetin OKTAY, members of Parliament of Elazığ Mr. Metin BULUT, Mr. Zülfü DEMİRBAĞ, Mr. Gürsel EROL, Mayor of Elazığ Mr. Mücahit YANILMAZ; General Director of MTA Mr. Cengiz ERDEM, Deputy Director General Mr. Cevat GENÇ, heads of departments, project staff and nearly 30 press members.

With the participation of people of Elazığ, Minister DÖNMEZ stated that thanks to MTA’s activities, 50 000 m2 drilling was carried out within 28 licences. He also added that such economic activities and investments will contribute significantly to the country’s economy as well as the region.

“We have found a geothermal resource at the depth of 2300 m. The resource, which has a high mineral content at 60°C with the velocity of 90 litres per second, will contribute considerably to the region’s economy. The resource will be used in greenhouses, in the heating of housing and thermal tourism. Soon, we hope that Elazığ will improve in agriculture, husbandry and tourism using this geothermal resource which has the capacity of heating a thermal facility with 10000 beds or 1000 housing. Besides, it can heat a greenhouse of 37000 m²”

We, as MTA family, thank all participants, especially Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Mr.  Fatih DÖNMEZ for taking time out of his busy schedule who honoured us by inaugurating the geothermal resource which, we hope, will benefit our country as well as Elazığ.



Date: 23.01.2019


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