MTA’s Week of Scientific Activities 2019 Completed

“MTA’s Week of Scientific Activities 2019” was held in Feb 11-15, 2019 with the participation of Deputy Minister Mr. Mithat CANSIZ, general directors, managers and staff from various public institutions, heads of trade associations, and representatives of universities and private sectors in an effort to provide a common platform for presentation and evaluation of project activities of 2018, expression of opinions of technical staff and participants from other institutions, provision of updates on projects.     

Deputy Minister Mr. Mithat CANSIZ stated in his opening speech that, within the scope of “National Energy and Mining Policy”, we are devoting a great deal of time and effort to contribution of our mineral reserves to economy as the finished products with the aim of reducing current deficit. He also stressed the vital importance of MTA’s ground, marine and airborne research in an effort to discover new reserves. He stated that he believes “MTA’s Week of Scientific Activities” will contribute significantly to the mining sector of Turkey and earthsciences.

General Director Mr. Cengiz ERDEM stated during his speech that he wished the programme, which consisted of 49 oral presentations and 30 visual presentations, would contribute to coming up with new ideas and the mining sector. He also mentioned MTA’s activities of 2018, the contribution to the country’s economy, national research and development activities, ground, marine and airborne research on mineral resources and foreign activities in Uzbekistand and Sudan.



Date: 17.01.2019


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