MTA to prospect for gold in Sudan

Turkey is taking the first step in Sudan with MTA Company Limted, a subsidiary of MTA (Mineral Research and Exploration General Directorate), in an effort to adopt a global approach in mineral exploration. Having signed an agreement with Sudan on exploration at two fields for gold, a three-year study will be performed and then, commercial exploitation of minerals will take place. MTA is also striving to obtain a licence to explore metallic minerals in Uzbekistan. Under the agreement signed between Turkey and Sudan, MTA will explore 325 km2 area. Following a three-year exploration period, mineral exploitation will occur. MTA will take the next step in Uzbekistan. MTA is planning within 3 months to obtain a licence to explore metallic minerals in two fields.


Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Mr. Fatih Dönmez stated that they took remarkable steps in determination of mineral reserves in Turkey. The mineral map of Turkey has been significantly prepared by means of aerial and ground geophysical surveys. He also stressed that All carried out with national staff and resources and MTA has expanded its in-depth knowledge and broadened practical experience. A wealth of experience will be globally employed by MTA Company Limited, a subsidiary of MTA in Sudan, the first step of MTA’s global mineral exploration efforts.


Mr. Dönmez stated that Mineral Geology Surveys and Geochemical Studies have been initiated in Sudan in 6 fields. More than 450 Samples were collected and analysed. "According to surveys and analysis, in the vicinity of Red Sea, two fields were officially choosen which contain gold.", he stated.


Mr. Dönmez stated that following a three-year exploration period, exploitation phase will take place. “At this stage, We will establish a new company in an effort to operate. The new company will also employ Sudanese citizens. Turkey’s power and regional influence help us in our foreign efforts and I hope, We will realize this in other countries too.” Minister Dönmez stressed that they invest a great deal of time and effort in increasing foreign competitive capacity of the mining sector. "African countries, which have vast and rich underground resources but lack technology and know-how, have no ability to explore and carry out surveys. Therefore, these countries have priority and are of great importance to us", he stated.


In addition, within the scope of the second 100-day actions of Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, MTA Company Limited is preparing to obtain two licences to explore metallic mineral fields in Uzbekistan.

Date: 20.12.2018


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