December 4th World Miners’ Day


Today, Mining has a growing importance due to its international strategic value and its contributions to economy. Turkey, which has vast mineral resources including industrial raw materials, metallic minerals, energy raw materials and geothermal resources.  

77 of 90 tradable minerals exist in our country, 60 of which are currently in production.

MTA is a leading institution providing data of any kind and infrastructure regarding mining sector, and has been devotedly performing research and exploration for mineral resources according to its law of establishment since 1935.

MTA , which discovered all the valuable mineral deposits in Turkey, found the first oil deposit in Raman and contributed substantially to the country’s economy. It also found Divriği Iron Deposit in 1937, Küre (Kastamonu) Copper Deposit in 1940, Lead deposits in Keban, Copper Deposits in Ergani, Chrome Deposits in Guleman, Trona Deposits in Beypazarı etc. contributing significantly to the development of the sector.

In recent years, Coal exploration studies has increased Lignite Deposits by 9 billion tonnes from 8.3 to 17.3 billion tonnes.

MTA, just as before, will continue to contribute ardently to the economy and prosperity of Turkey and the development of the mining sector.

Today, December 4th, on which The World Miners’ Day has been celebrated since the Roman Period, I celebrate all the workers of MTA and all miners working underground in tough conditions in an effort to extract minerals from the ground up to the surface, and I also commemorate those who passed away to this end.


Cengiz ERDEM

General Directorate of MTA


Date: 04.12.2017


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