A New Era for Mining Sector

Mr. Berat ALBAYRAK, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, in his speech on Energy and Mineral Policy at ‘the meeting of Mining Sector’, stated that, in the last one and a half years, they have performed a structural transformation of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, and gained a deeper understanding of the necessity of a reorganization. He also stressed that they have devoted a great deal of time and effort to security of energy supply; "We export raw chrome, raw copper and raw gold, but they cost nearly ten folds when we import them as products. Therefore, we will initiate a new model in ore deposits that the sector can gain value added product which eventually will contribute to the country, employment and the growth of the sector as an investor friendly model and be a remedy to the current account deficit of Turkey."

Mr. ALBAYRAK stressed that, during the last decade, Turkey has imported approximately 44 billion dollar energy, and 10.6 billion dollar raw mineral product. With this new model, a mineral decree will be passed by September 30. A new decree on the foreign operation of MTA has been accepted by the parliament, therefore, in third countries, new projects will be carried out with the help of MTA’s wealth of knowledge and the enterprise of private sector. He also stated that they have talked to DEIK, an stressed that security of supply is of paramount consequence. "a mistake done by a company has dire consequences for the whole sector. probably 10 or 20 years of the sector are wasted. Turkey can’t afford to lose time. We have vast underground resources and all reorganization will be fulfilled but not using old-school approaches."

Geochemistry Map of Turkey Finishes by the End of the Year

Mr Albayrak stated that, they have put in considerable effort into geophysical and geochemical infrastructure. Geochemical map will be ready by 2018 but geophysical maps will be ready by the end of 2018. He also stated that MTA Oruç Reis is a very sophisticated  research vessel and with high technical capabilities on marine research.

TÜVEK (Earthsciences Data and Core Data Bank of Turkey)

Within the context of National Energy and Mineral Policy, TÜVEK (Earthsciences Data and Core Data Bank of Turkey) is of geat importance and its legal status is effect from July 21.

UMREK (National Mineral Resurce and Reserve Reporting Commission)

Mr. Albayrak stated that, UMREK (National Mineral Resurce and Reserve Reporting Commission)  is one of the most critical asset for the sector and the provision of long term finance for investments an will contribute to institutionalisation of the sector by the end of August.

Date: 31.07.2017


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