The Promotion Programme of National Energy and Mining Policy

The Promotion Programme of “Turkey’s National Energy and Mining Policy was held on Thursday April 6 in İstanbul by the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Berat ALBAYRAK with broad participation.

At this first meeting, with the participation of the representatives of public institutions, energy sector, press and academics, set a course of action for the Energy Sector.

Minister Bakan Albayrak began his speech with the conversion of Turkey in various sectors in the last 15 years.

Albayrak, who stated that they introduced a new strategy to promote the country to an upper league, within the framework of vision made by the President of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan,  in an effort to be one of the top ten economies of the World.

"We can’t afford to waste a penny”

Albayrak emphasized that they broke in half the MİGEM’s empowering and supervising parts, and he also stated that they were aware of the drawbacks in the minng sector.

Albayrak made evaluations concerning Core Data Bank: “We arbitrarily perform drilling operations without recording what has been found or building a proper archive. All the drilling operations performed in Turkey are currently being recorded and drawn on map as a database, and all infrastructure is now being archived in a center available to all. We hope this will be finalized this year, and we also introduce a reporting system which will be of great importance as an infrastucture in mining sector. Because we can’t afford to waste a penny.

Albayrak also stated that, with uninterrupted energy of high quality a competitve market will be available and ,consequently, low costs will lead to cheap energy easily available to people.

Albayrak emphasized that, Turkey encourages all the projects which contribute to the secure supply of regional energy and encourage stability and peace in the region. “with this principle, we will increase cooperation and colloboration with all the players in the sector. In an effort to promote Turkey to an upper league, to make the country one of the top ten economies and building a more competitive Turkey in the energy sector like other sectors; all the strategic visions should be realized. We say “yes” to independent energy, a powerful and great Turkey. We have just started, made the first step with your support and energy. We are open to any comment, suggestion, support or advice from shareholders and we hope it will be to the benefit of Turkey.



"We wil find out what we have underground and above the surface"

Albayrak emphasized that secure supply is the most lacking part of the sector: "Mining sector is the most open to improvements and we need to deal with it. We have 4 main aspects in this policy. These are local coal, precious ores, rare earth elements and strategic minerals. We initiate the procedures in an effort to discover and develop them. We as Turkey, will find out what we have underground and above the surface by taking a public-private sector cooperation approach. We need to improve private sector. We will take a step regarding mineral research and exploration activities abroad by MTA on the basis of the regulation passed from the parliament last year.

With MTA-private sector cooperation we will be in close relationship with the leading countries in the sector and make association agreements and contribute to regional exploration activities.


Drilling Operations

Albayrak stated regarding MTA: " in 2002, MTA performed 32 000 meters in drilling operations a year. Today, MTA performs 300 000 meters a year. However, in our vision of great and powerful Turkey, this simply won’t suffice. Our target in 2017 is 1 million meters. We have initiated the necessary procedures and we hope we will achieve this ambition. Actually, we have also taken necessary steps in an effort to increase this up to 2 – 3 million meters. While Europe already discovered its natural resources 30 – 40 years ago, today, we have only found out 30 percent of our resources. Our target is, by 2020, to have thoroughly discovered the natural resources of the country. We will have increased our reserves. There is a great potential for future. With public-private cooperation, in an effort to keep up with Canada and Australia, which are highly developed in mining sector, we will achive our aim to reach 6 million meters in a very short time. Mining will enhance Turkey regarding added value.


Geophysics and Geochemistry maps are on their way

Albayrak, stressed the importance of Turkey's geophysics and geochemistry maps and stated:

"We are currently archiving the whole database map of Turkey including every drilling operations which is available to all, we hope we will realize it this year. Turkey will complete its geophysics map in 2018. We will x-ray all Turkey’s geography from vegetation to topography and determine the resources for mining”

Albayrak also stated that more than 50 000 samples had been collected for the Geochemistry Map: “the outcome of the samples are great. We have abundant natural resources”


Marine Operations

Albayrak stated that they have made progress in strategic supply security: “We are now initiating a new process in Turkey. From this month on, with our ship Oruçreis, which has seismic exploration capabilities, we will actively exploit seas, as a country surrounded on three sides by the sea, with one ship in the Mediterranean Sea, the other one is in the Black Sea, not just in 2D, They will perform 3D seismic exploration operations non-stop.

First time in our history, with the new exploratory drilling ship that will be bought this year, we will actively perform drilling operations; two of them in the Black Sea, and other two of them are in the Mediteranean Sea, every year. The budget and the plans are ready. The more you explore, the more you discover. From now on, we will also be very active in marine drilling operations."

Date: 17.04.2017


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