MTA Scientific Activities Week

MTA, which has a mission of efficiently providing services of research, exploration, analysis, infrastructure, and data in the field of earth sciences and mining for industry and society using science and technology considering environmental factors; and contributing to the country’s prosperity; and, which has a vision of determining and promoting earth’s crust and producing data for the future; carries out international and national projects of research and exploration and provides data bank services that fall within its area of responsibility.

It is of great importance that sharing current data and information on the projects carried out by MTA and providing coordination among the units of MTA and monitoring project activities.

On the date of 06-10 Mart 2017, the programme “MTA Scientific Activities Week 2017” will be held with the aim of  presentation and evaluation of the projects carried out in 2016 and sharing information among technical staff both from and out of MTA.



Date: 09.01.2017


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