First geothermal exploration & investigations in Turkey started by MTA in 1962. Upon this, 230 geothermal fields have been discovered by MTA. The geothermal potential of Turkey is estimated (theoretically) at 31.500 MWt.

After the year 2008, 58 new geothermal areas have been explored and the number of the geothermal areas raised from 172 to 230 and 9 of them are suitable for power production; (Aydın-Sultanhisar (146 °C), Aydın-Bozköy-Çamur (146 °C), Aydın-Atça (124°C), Aydın-Umurlu (150°C), Aydın-Nazilli-Bozyurt (127°C), Aydın Pamukören (188 °C) Kütahya -Şaphane (181°C), Manisa- Alaşehir-Kavaklıdere (287°C), Aydın-Buharkent (147 °C)) , and the others are suitable for heating and thermal tourism.

The number of exploration wells drilled by MTA are now 600 and the total depth is 356,000 m. The total proven geothermal capacity of the wells conducted by MTA is 5000 MWt and together with the private sectors drillings, approximately 14.000 MWt proven capacity has been reached. Sixteen geothermal fields which are located in western Turkey and discovered by MTA are suitable for geothermal power production and need to be developed. The main uses of geothermal energy in Turkey cover a wide range of applications, such as space heating and domestic hot water supply, greenhouse heating, swimming and balneology, industrial processes and electricity generation. Based upon the current status, the majority of geothermal applications in Turkey have been realized in district heating systems. In 2013-2016, geothermal research and exploration increased, and the installed electricity capacity reached to 625,63 MWe.
No. 5686 "Law on Geothermal Resources and Mineral Waters” was enacted in 2006 and by this law, geothermal fields, discovered by the MTA are transferred to investors through a tender process. Since 2008, the geothermal fields within the framework of this law have been started to be tendered by the MTA and from that time, 97 geothermal fields (16 of them are suitable power generation) were tendered to the private sector for about 546 million US dollars.

In addition to research and exploration activities, MTA provide scientific and technical support to the geothermal appliers, in order to protect the existing renewability of geothermal areas and ensure sustainable production of them to increase geothermal potential by investigating the deep extensions of currently known geothermal systems.



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