MTA International Relations

International Relations Unit


  • To prepare institution opinions and fact sheets on earth sciences and mining and participate in the related meetings on behalf of our General Directorate.     
  • To organize training programs by evaluating the foreign countries’ requests for cooperation. 
  • To make cooperation with international institutions, which are equivalent with MTA, with the aim of conducting joint research and exploration activities on the subjects related with earth sciences and mining that are mutually agreed by the Parties. 
  • To prepare Memoranda of Understanding on behalf of our General Directorate and submit them to our Ministry for approval.
  • To provide assistance for technical departments for creating and conducting international projects on behalf of the General Directorate.  
  • To follow the membership status in international organizations and carry on the secretariat duties related with these organisations on the subjects falling into the General Directorate’s areas of interest.  
  • To conduct communication and coordination activities among the international organizations on the subjects falling into the General Directorate’s areas of responsibility.  
  • To provide coordination and protocol services for formal visit programs made by foreign delegations to our country and by MTA personnel to foreign countries.

European Union Unit


  • To follow periodically the parts that take part within the legislations related with the operations and working areas of MTA during the harmonization process of Turkish Legislation with EU Legislation; and, to pick up the articles related with our institution within these updated information and find their equivalents in Turkish legislation or, otherwise, create them.
  • To prepare the institute opinion regarding the permission requests made for domestic or foreign researches.
  • To provide participation from our institution to the courses and training programs organized by ATAUM, TÜBİTAK, etc. within the framework of EU harmonization studies.
  • To sustain the coordination between our General Directorate and European Union Programs (IPA-Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance projects, 7th Framework Program, Leonardo da Vinci Program).  
  • To make official organizations related with EU in which MTA takes place.


Organization Chart

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Translators & Interpreters
International Relations Unit Manager
European Union Unit Manager


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