Department of Marine Researches

The main tasks of Department of Marine Researches are the investigation of the geological structure of all offshore fields, especially in our maritime jurisdiction, the discovery of mineral resources, the production of knowledge and scientific infrastructure services related to coastal and offshore areas and presentation of the scientific information to public opinion and to the science society rapidly and  healthily  by using of modern tecnologies and environmental awareness. Department of Marine Researches is planning to develop cooperations among national/international institutions and universities beside inhouse cooperations and/or  attending to the geoscience researches carried out in our coastal and offshore areas as the executer or being  a participant  and beside these, it is planned to train experts-specialist researchers. Within this framework, searching for the continuity of the geological structures at submarine areas, the research of natural resources under the sea floor, preparing reports, maps and creating inventory using all these data collected from the marine researches, active faults researches that lying under the sea floor , determining the potential hazards such as earthquake, submarine landslides and tsunamis, developing infrastructure for potential use of coastal areas with  the projects of engineering geology carried out  at shallow areas such as bays, gulfs and lagoons, etc., the research of the marine pollution caused by environmental interaction and creating the related databases. Searching on the historical artifacts and the structures occured as a result of geological periods at our maritime areas and their cultural, touristic potentials and carrying out joint projects with national and international instutites, universities and by the help of traning programs sharing the information collected by all these ways.

Research Vessel


Head of Department
Kerim Tuncer SARIKAVAK
201 1509

Chief Clerk
Coordinator of Research and Application
Geophysics and Oceanography Operations Unit Manager
Geological Researches Unit Manager
Coordinator of Project Monitoring and Financial Affairs
Investment and Expenses Unit Manager
Project Monitoring and Evaluation Unit Manager
Coordinator of Technical and Logistical Support
Technical Support Unit Manager
Logistical Support Unit Manager
Unit Head of Research Vessels Operations and Maintenance
Foreign Affairs Monitoring Unit Manager


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