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Our Policy

The economic development of a country and the living standards of the people who live in that country depends on the wealth, quality of the natural resources within that country as well as to exploit them by suitable mining operations, and also minimize damages resulted from the natural disasters.

From this point of view, the policy of Our Department aimed to increase the security and prosperity level of our people by means of exploring geological researches on both land and sea, producing various maps in theme and kind, thus setting up geodynamic evolution of our country; and also giving an awareness to the protection of geological heritage and leaving them to next generations.

Our country has a complex geology and is situated on a highly seismo-tectonically active belt. This geological complexity not only makes difficult to discover underground resources but also causes to rise important problems in the exploitation stage of available resources and face many environmental problems. Besides this, many natural disasters such as earthquakes, landslides and volcanic activities take place due to the crustal movements, and these give way to unpredictable and irresistible moral and physical damages.

In the context of this policy:

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Head of Department
Dr. Engin Öncü SÜMER
201 1490

Chief Clerk
Coordinator of Research and Development Planning and Evaluation
Project Monitoring and Support Unit Manager
Map Archive Unit Manager
Expenditure and Preliminary Financial Control Unit Manager
Coordinator of Geological Researches
Geological Researches Unit Manager
Small-Scale Maps Unit Manager
Coordinator of Geodynamics Research and Evaluation
Applied Geology Unit Manager
Karst and Cave Researches Unit Manager
Coordinator of Research and Development Planning and Evaluation
Coordinator of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems
Remote Sensing Applications Unit Manager
Geo-climate Unit Manager
Geographical Information Systems Applications Unit Manager
Coordinator of Palaeontology and Petrography Researches
Palaeontology Researches Unit Manager
Petrography Researches Unit Manager


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