Department of Feasibility Studies

The main purposes of Feasibility Studies Department, which is a subdivision of the General Directorate, are to explore underground resources of Turkey, to define quantity and quality of resources determined by exploration, to perform economic and financial evaluations in order to determine profitability, to conduct geo-technical studies, to carry out researches on technology, trade, and economics of all kind of minerals, to execute the procedures of licensed fields held by the General Directorate.

Transition to the planned development period during 1960's created some obligations to the public utilities, as well as to MTA. Then MTA established a Plan-Project Division connected directly to the General Directorate to fulfill duties and responsibilities related to its occupation. Plan-Project Department was formed in 1969 by combining Plan-Project Division and Research and Development Division . Thus, all the duties related to this subject were assembled in one department.

Head of Department
Mehmet Akif POLAT

Office Manager
The Coordinatorship of Feasibility Studies
Metallic Minerals Feasibility Studies Division Administration
Energy Raw Materials Feasibility Studies Division Administration
Industrial Raw Materials Feasibility Studies Division Administration
The Coordinatorship of Geotechnical Studies
Rock and Soil Mechanics Division Administration
Movable Property Registration Control Offical
The Coordinatorship of Mining Licence Rights
Mining Licence Studies Division Administration
Geothermal Licence Rights Division Administration
The Coordinatorship of Economic Studies and Research
Economic Studies and Research Division Administration


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